Conference Interpreter

I am a conference interpreter based in Bordeaux, France. For confidentiality reasons, please contact me for references and a full CV (elin.lindqvist(at)

Language combination for simultaneous, consecutive and whispering interpretation:

A Swedish – B English – B French


2 thoughts on “Conference Interpreter

  1. Hello!! How are you? My name is Takahiko Hirabayashi 47yo / I am living in Ueda at Nagano pref. I am a father of my 2kids. I had checked your work at NHK program. I realy apliciate that you doing in this moment. I always talking about our further with my wife YOKO. And we are thinking what we need it as Japanese, its a philosophy…. We are thinking that After world war 2, Strong US propaganda pushed out Japanese the citizens fortune…. And now Many people had became a economic animal…. Before 70 years ago.. Still something there were…
    Anyway I still belive japanese can get return to our hand somethaing we losted… because a few good people (like you) realized to us what is life, what is Japanese….

    Thank you very much, Elin!!

    Best Regards And God Bless you!!!!

    from Taka

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