Swedish to French and English and English and French to Swedish. 

I regularly translate business – related documents, such as presentations, financial reports and other legal, economic and political documents. Clients include large multinational companies, international organisations and trade unions. For confidentiality reasons, please contact me for a full CV and references. 

Litterature :

I translated Janine di Giovanni’s book “Ghosts by Daylight – a memoir of war and love” from English to Swedish, published in Sweden by Wahlström & Widstrand in 2013.



Volunteer Work as a translator/teacher:

* Centro de Esperanza Infantil in Oaxaca, Mexico, 09-12/2003. A day-care center for Triqui-children. Duties included helping in the kitchen, entertaining the children through games and play, tutoring the students and translating documents from Spanish to English.

* Katha in New Delhi, India, 02-06/2004. A feminist-oriented NGO and publisher with educational purposes. I worked for their mobile school named Tamasha Roadshow! as an assistant teacher in the slums.

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