Fukushima in Edinburgh

Come to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 15th-19th of August and watch an original show based on poetry by Fukushima poet Ryoichi Wago in reaction to the triple disaster in Japan last year. I will be hosting a post-performance talk and would love to see you there. Book your tickets now!


Plan for the Documentary Reading Theatre

For the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012


Based on Twitter feeds from Fukushima & Traditional Japanese Arts


‘Fukushima – A Silent Prayer of Poetry’

Words and poetry based on twitter feeds by Ryoichi Wago ‘Radiation falls. The night is silent.’ “A Silent Prayer of Poetry” is a ‘Cry of the soul’ based on twitter feeds and poetry composed by Fukushima poet Ryoichi Wago soon after The Great East Japan Earthquake on 11th March 2011. Fukushima not only withstood earthquakes, tsunami and aftershocks; the prefecture also suffered from radioactive contamination.

This production is presented as a 60 minute reading show drawing influence from traditional Japanese arts such as Tsugaru Shamisen music from Tohoku, followed by a 20 minute post-show discussion hosted by Swedish journalist Elin Lindqvist who published the reportage book ‘Fukushima Colours’ about post-disaster Fukushima. The post-show discussion will also include the opportunity to give feedback to people in Fukushima.

Day & Time: Wed 15th – Sun 19th of August 2012 19.45-20.45 Reading theatre / 20.45-21.05 Post talk Venue: Spotlites @ The Merchants’ Hall (150 seats) Venue 278, http://www.spotlites.co.uk Ticket price: £10 (Concession: £7) Objectives: One year on, what we see through photographs and video footage does not carry the voices of the people who live amongst the devastation. Ryoichi Wago’s poetry portrays the ‘spirit’ of these people. We hope that the spirit of the victims will touch people from Japan to Edinburgh. Our world is connected by the ocean and the sky and now, thanks to the wonders of the Internet like Twitter. Twitter made it possible for people to convey what was happening in real time in Fukushima, and people all over the world heard what was happening almost instantaneously. With this performance, we humbly ask you to spare a moment to consider the forces of nature and nuclear power, the strength and emotions of those affected by the disaster, and finally living for a sustainable future.

Ryoichi Wago: Words Ryoichi Wago is a poet who was born in Fukushima in 1968. He is everywhere: he won the 4th Chuya Nakahara Prize for his first poetry book, After in 1998 and the 47th Bansui Prize for his fourth poetry book Earth Brain Psalms in 2006. A high school teacher, he is also known as a lyricist and radio personality.


Elin Lindqvist: Host of the post talk Elin was born in Tokyo in 1982 and currently lives in England. She has studied at New York University in New York and Sophia University in Tokyo. She is an international writer, and has published three novels in Swedish. She also works as a freelance journalist, dramaturge and translator. In her reportage book Fukushima Colours, she has documented the aftermath of the crisis, in collaboration with a Japanese journalist and photographer.


Feedback from the audience who watched the performance on 11th March 2012 in London:

 I liked it very much it was more informative than the usual videos that you see.

 It really moved me. Will it show again in London? Oh wow! Was it from his tweets? It was really an amazing show!

 The show was very touching, beautiful words with a blessed feeling behind each one. I hope to see more in the future, it had really touched me at the festival, please tell Mr.Wago that his poetry is absolute astonishing. He has a great talent and the only shame was that it wasn’t longer.

 I thought the poetry was very heart warming, and inspiring. Just thinking about the children brought slight tears to my eye. We should work to help others.

 I really enjoyed the poetry reading, it was well presented and very dramatic.


Some photos of the show:

This project needs your sponsorship ★ This entire production is run on a voluntarily basis and in order to be able to bring this show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival we need your help. The project needs a minimum budget of at least GBP 16,366.


Your company’s logo or your name will be credited on the brochures etc. if you could kindly support our show. Please don’t hesitate to contact us now.


Contact drama.education.institute@gmail.com Sasaki Drama Education Company

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