My specialities

  • I report about the human aspect of a crisis; providing live in-depth coverage of the people behind the news and their stories.
  • I am fluent in English, French and Swedish and I have good knowledge of Spanish and a basic level in Japanese.
  • My profile is representative of Britain’s European face. With more Europeans living in the UK; my voice will only become more relevant.
  • I have travelled the world and worked and lived in 10 different countries. Travelling by myself as a young woman, I have learned how to stay focused on the task at hand while taking calculated risks and delivering my story.
  • I become calm when faced with highly stressful, potentially dangerous situations.
  • I am an independent writer and journalist with a strong sense of commitment and responsibility with regards to respecting deadlines and responding to delivery expectations.
  • I am quickly adaptable to different situations and I have been praised for my emotional intelligence which is a great asset for team work.
  • Whether working alone or in a team, I am curious, quick and flexible and I know how to make a story compelling.
  • I am ready to work any time of the day; any time of the year.
  • My experience as an author stands as proof of my efficient research abilities and my creative writing skills.


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